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K & B Archery is dedicated to helping people practice and expand their archery skills. From youth to adult, we have a variety of lessons taught by experts in the field of archery. We offer private as well as group lessons. Our instructor has over 20 years experience as a NFAA Shooting Instructor.

We also offer lessons to 4H, scouts (both boys and girls programs) and homeschool students.

If you don’t have your own archery equipment, or if you want to try out some new equipment, we offer archery equipment rental.

Lessons are provided at $55 per hour. 

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Shoot 3-D Archery, Score a Lot of Fun!

11 October 2017, 12:58 pm

Shoot 3-D Archery, Score a Lot of Fun!

Prepare for Fun at 3-D Shoots 3-D archery combines hiking and archery into one outdoor excursion. You’ll shoot at life-size animal targets in natural terrain, with the targets set on a course designed much like a woodlands golf course. Although 3-D shoots are usually held outdoors, indoor 3-D shoots are popular in winter and provide […]


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